Maintenance Worker

Vacancy ID: 646318   Announcement Number: NY-MM-12-646318 DE   USAJOBS Control Number: 314472100

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. ABILITY TO DO THE WORK OF A MAINTENANCE WORKER WITHOUT MORE THAN NORMAL SUPERVISION (SCREEN OUT ELEMENT) From the descriptions below, please choose the best response to describe your ability to perform maintenance worker duties. You must document your experience in your resume.

A. I have performed basic carpentry or woodworking jobs, such as installing hinges on cabinets, cutting and nailing boards, and building concrete frames without assistance. I have painted interior and exterior surfaces. I have performed simple electrical installations or repairs, such as replacing fuses and light bulbs, and installing light switches without assistance. Performed basic plumbing work, such as replacing washers in faucets and unclogging sinks, etc. without assistance. Performed basic janitorial services, including cleaning sinks, toilets, sweeping and mopping floors, and insuring that there are adequate supplies of soap, towels and toilet paper for a public restroom. I can lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
B. I have performed basic carpentry jobs such as cutting and nailing boards and building concrete frames. I have performed maintenance tasks such as cleaning sinks, toilets, sweeping and mopping floors, pouring concrete, replacing fuses and light bulbs, painting interior and exterior surfaces, and replacing tables. I can lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
C. I have performed tasks such as cutting and nailing boards, painting, cleaning restrooms, unclogging sinks and toilets, replacing fuses and light bulbs. I can lift and carry objects weighing up to 40 pounds.
D. I have performed simple tasks such as cleaning restrooms, changing light bulbs and using a push mower.

For each task numbered below, select the statement from A through E that best describes your level of experience, education, and/or training.

A- I know little or nothing about this.

B- I have had study or training in this.

C- I have performed this task, but work was closely supervised and/or reviewed.

D- I have performed this task independently.

E- I am considered an expert in performing this task. I have supervised others in performance of this task or am normally the person who is consulted by other workers to assist them in doing this task because of my expertise.

2. Maintained tools by sharpening blades and chains, performing routine servicing on power tools such as chainsaws and leaf blowers.

3. Performed minor operator maintenance, such as adding gasoline and seeing that oil and spark plugs are changed.

4. Cut or drilled previously marked holes and openings in walls or floors in order to install or repair plumbing.

5. Performed incidental tasks such as shop housekeeping, cleaning tools, and cleaning machines and equipment.

6. Made minor repairs to buildings and structures.

7. Sawed lumber to specified dimensions.

8. Nailed lumber into place.

9. Prepared surfaces for painting by sanding, buffing and cleaning.

10. Cleared simple plumbing stoppages.

11. Replaced washers in faucets.

12. Replaced electrical fuses and light bulbs.

13. Installed or replaced light switches, receptacles, etc. as marked or instructed.

14. Mixed and poured concrete, hot mix, etc.

15. Used levels and squares to fit items.

16. Used tape measure to cut wood to required size.

17. Followed written instructions to perform task.

18. Followed manufacturer's instructions for use of power tools.

19. Followed safety manuals on operation of tools and equipment.

20. Used brushes or rollers to apply paint.

21. Cleaned brushes and painting equipment.

22. Used hand or power saws to cut lumber.

23. Used basic plumbing tool, such as wrenches and snakes.

24. Operated a pickup truck.

25. Selected and used a variety of cleaning agents

26. Mixed and thinned painting materials

27. Selected appropriate size and type of lumber for task.

28. Applied basic first aid.

29. Used proper lifting techniques so as to avoid injury.

30. Wear proper safety equipment.

31. Worked safely in areas of heavy congestion.


INSTRUCTIONS:  Your self-ratings in this Occupational Questionnaire are subject to evaluation for the and verification based on the documents and references you submit. Later steps in the selection process are specifically designed to verify your ratings. Deliberate attempts to falsify information may be grounds for not selecting you or for dismissing you from the position/agency during the probation period. Please take this opportunity to review your ratings to ensure their accuracy. By agreeing to the statement below, you are confirming that you: 1) understand this warning; 2) have reviewed your responses to this questionnaire for accuracy; and 3) verify that your responses accurately describe your current level of experience and capability.  Failure to agree to the statement below will disqualify you from further consideration position.

A. Yes, I verify that all of my responses to this questionnaire are true and accurate. I accept that if my supporting documentation and/or later steps in the selection process do not support one or more of my responses to the questionnaire that my application may be rated lower and/or I may be removed from further consideration.
B. No, I do not accept this agreement and/or I no longer wish to be considered for this position.