Vacancy ID: 728019   Announcement Number: HHS-FDA-DE-12-728019   USAJOBS Control Number: 324266000

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. Please choose the best answer that demonstrates your background related to this position.

A. I have a 4-year degree in behavioral or social science; or related disciplines appropriate to the position (You must submit a copy of your transcript when applying).
B. I have a combination of education and experience that provided me with knowledge of one or more of the behavioral or social sciences equivalent to a major in the field. (You must submit a copy of your transcript when applying).
C. I have four years of appropriate experience that demonstrated that I have acquired knowledge of one or more of the behavioral or social sciences equivalent to a major in the field. (This must be demonstrated in your resume).
D. My education and/or experience are not noted in A, B, or C above.

2. Select the statement that describes how you meet the specialized experience requirement for this position at the GS-13 level.

A. I have at least one year of specialized experience (equivalent to the GS-12 level in the Federal service) that included conducting quantitative and qualitative workforce studies such as job analyses and competency analyses; professional psychometric analyses such as developing defensible job knowledge and/or performance based tests; and developing and implementing organizational development policies based on conclusions and recommendations from workforce analysis studies.
B. My experience is not reflected in the above statement.

For each of the items below, select the one statement that most accurately describes your experience and capability using the scale below.

A- I have no experience in performing this work behavior.
B- I have limited experience in performing this work behavior. I have had exposure to this work behavior but would require additional guidance, instruction, or experience to perform it at a proficient level.
C- I have experience performing this work behavior across routine or predictable situations with minimal supervision or guidance.
D- I have performed this work behavior independently across a wide range of situations. I have assisted others in carrying out this work behavior. I seek guidance in carrying out this work behavior only in unusually complex situations.
E- I am considered an expert in carrying out this work behavior. I advise and instruct others in carrying out this work behavior on a regular basis. I am consulted by my colleagues and/or superiors to carry out this work behavior in unusually complex situations.

3. Conduct behavioral and social science studies to support personnel certification program assessments and training program assessments.

4. Interpret data using quantitative and qualitative methods.

5. Create defensible job knowledge and performance tests for organizational positions.

6. Developing organizational development policies to support initiatives such as personnel certification or certificate programs.

7. Design to identify or validate an organization's competencies.

8. Design curricula for scientific positions.

9. Use best practices for the development and validation of personnel and program qualifications/certifications.

10. Selecting and applying statistical analyses to test results.

11. Administer tests and addressing reasonable accommodations of test takers.

12. Evaluate organization development programs for efficiency and effectiveness.

13. Research change management designs, evaluation processes, and evaluation feedback for organizational improvement.

14. Design new systems, techniques, or methodologies to be used in organization development programs.

15. Develop and deliver oral presentations from study data.

16. Persuade individuals and groups to accept change management methods, practices, and programs.

17. Advise employees and managers on best practices in industrial and organizational psychology.