Vacancy ID: 784250   Announcement Number: NW21420-13-784250K1491329   USAJOBS Control Number: 330868400

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

Please accurately identify your level of experience and demonstrated capability when completing this questionnaire as your responses, resume and supporting documents will be reviewed for accuracy. You will be asked at the end of this questionnaire to certify your entire application as true and accurate.

The following section is used to determine your eligibility for appointment and referral consideration. Please indicate those eligibilities for which you are eligible and would like to be considered. You will only be considered under eligibilities that you select and provide requested supporting information either below or within your resume. If you do not meet at least one of the eligibilities below, you are not eligible to be considered for this position. For additional information, definitions and supporting documentation requirements see the list of appointing eligibilities listed at    Please note that documentation (e.g., SF-50’s or DD-214s) will be requested if you are selected to verify your eligibility.

1. Current Permanent Federal Civilian Employee - I am currently employed as a permanent career or career-conditional (Tenure 1 or 2 in box 24 of SF-50) federal employee in the competitive service (will show a 1 in box 34 of SF-50) or I am currently on a permanent Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA) (SF-50 will show a 2 in box 34). Note: Your resume must include your position title, pay plan, series, grade level, agency worked for and dates of employment for all applicable federal work experiences.

A. Yes
B. Not applicable, OR I do not wish to be considered under this eligibility.

2. Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) - I am a veteran who served substantially 3 or more years of continuous active duty in the military - OR - I am a preference eligible; AND I was discharged under honorable conditions. Note: If you are responding yes, ensure that you have answered all applicable veterans’ questions in both the Eligibility Information and Other Information sections of this questionnaire.  Visit for veterans' preference eligibility requirements.

A. Yes
B. Not applicable, OR I do not wish to be considered under this eligibility.

3. Reinstatement- I was formerly employed as a permanent federal civilian employee (Tenure 1 or 2 in block 24 of your SF-50) in the competitive service (SF-50 will show a 1 in block 34) who 1) previously attained career status - OR- is a veterans' preference eligible and served at least one day as a career conditional employee - OR - 3) separated from civil service as a career-conditional employee within the past three years. I am NOT a current permanent federal employee.  Note: Your resume must include a work experience with position title, pay plan, series, grade level, agency worked for and dates of employment that supports previous federal employment and your reinstatement eligibility.

A. Yes
B. Not applicable, OR I do not wish to be considered under this eligibility.

4. Annuitant - I am currently receiving an annuity for service as a federal civil servant. If selected, I would be serving as a re-employed annuitant.

A. Yes
B. No

5. Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) I am a current or former federal employee displaced from a position in a Non-DoD federal agency (e.g., IRS, VA, Dept of Labor, etc.) in the same local commuting area of the vacancy. I have a current (or last) performance rating of record of at least fully successful or the equivalent. Applicants eligible under ICTAP are provided priority selection for vacancies within the local commuting area for which they apply and are well qualified. NOTE: If you indicate "yes" for this statement, you must submit copies of the appropriate documentation, such as a reduction in force (RIF) separation notice, SF-50 reflecting your RIF separation, or a notice of proposed removal for declining a directed reassignment or transfer of function to another commuting area. You must also submit documentation to reflect your current (or last) performance rating of record.

A. Yes
B. Not applicable, OR I do not wish to be considered under this eligibility.

6. PPP Military Spouse - I am registered in the DoD Priority Placement Program (PPP) Military Spouse Preference Program (Program S) for the series, grade and location covered by this announcement.

A. Yes
B. Not applicable

1. From the descriptions below, please select one response that best describes how you meet the basic education requirement for the GS-1420, Archivist. (PLEASE NOTE: You must submit a copy of your college transcripts or professional registration to verify your claim).

A. I have a Bachelor's degree in archival science.
B. I have a bachelor's degree with a major that includes 18 semester hours in archival science, history, political science and/or government, and 12 semester hours in one or any combination of the following: archival science, history, American civilization, economics, political science, public administration, or government.
C. I have a combination of education and experience - at least 30 semester hours that included courses as shown in B above, plus appropriate experience or additional education. Experience must be Professional experience in archival science, or in a directly related field of work, such as history, that involved the collection, appraisal, analysis, or synthesis of information having historical or archival values.
D. I do not meet any of the basic education and/or experience requirements as stated above.

2. GS-13: In addition to the required education, do you have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade (GS-12) in the Federal service performing professional archival functions by researching historical information to determine archival value, analyzing records to determine methods of preservation, and appraise the evidential or information values of records to determine disposal or provide access to records?

A. Yes, I have one year of specialized experience as described above.
B. No, I do not have either the experience or education as described above.

For each task in the following group, choose the statement from the list below that best describes your experience and/or training. Please select only one letter for each item.

A- I have not had education, training or experience in performing this task.
B- I have had education or training in performing the task, but have not yet performed it on the job.
C- I have performed this task on the job. My work on this task was monitored closely by a supervisor or senior employee to ensure compliance with proper procedures.
D- I have performed this task as a regular part of a job. I have performed it independently and normally without review by a supervisor or senior employee.
E- I am considered an expert in performing this task. I have supervised performance of this task or am normally the person who is consulted by other workers to assist them in doing this task because of my expertise.

3. Appraise and evaluate archive records for retention based on their informational and historical value.

4. Provide guidance on the application of archival theory and practice including accessioning, processing, and preservation as applied to analog (to include paper, microforms, and photographs) and digital assets.

5. Manage analog and digital archival collections.

6. Determine storage requirements for digital archival collections.

7. Oversee systems to manage reference requests and responses.

8. Guide researchers in the location of historical sources, including alternative repositories.

9. Evaluate written by archival or historical professional for adequacy of research and accuracy of information.

10. Determine information release requirements, including security, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

11. Provide technical direction to team to accomplish program goals.

12. Maintain business relationships with organizations to coordinate efforts on projects.

13. Establish short and long range plans to accomplish program objectives.

14. Recommend resources and support required to accomplish program or project objectives.

15. Develop written products in various formats related to best practices for accessioning, preservation, conversion, and servicing of records.

16. Prepare information papers and presentations concerning archival information and activities.

17. Develop written material documenting findings for management review.

18. Discuss status of projects with other team members to ensure timeframes and goals are met.

19. Present archival briefings to internal and external audiences.

20. Advise organizational leadership in the development of solutions for confronting irregular challenges.

21. Assign work to subordinates based on priorities, difficulty of assignment, and capabilities of employees.

22. Draft performance plans for subordinate employees to ensure organizational goals are met.

23. Draft/modify position descriptions to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.

24. Asses workforce needs and identify appropriate training.

25. Your ratings in this Occupational Questionnaire are subject to evaluation and verification based on the documents and references you submit.  Deliberate attempts to falsify or inflate your responses may be grounds for not referring you.

Please take this opportunity to review your rating to ensure the accuracy of your answers and that they are supported by your resume.  Failure to agree to the statement below will disqualify you from further consideration for the position.

A. Yes, I verify that all of my responses to this questionnaire are true and accurate. I accept that if my supporting documentation does not support one or more of my responses to the questionnaire that my application may be rated lower and/or I may be removed from further consideration.
B. No. I do not accept this agreement and/or I no longer wish to be considered for this position.