Pharmacist 0660/GS-11/12

Vacancy ID: 789079   Announcement Number: RQ-13-KG-789079   USAJOBS Control Number: 331735300

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Pharmacist 0660/GS-11/12
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Occupational/Assessment Questions:

Select the appropriate answer to each of the following questions based on your current level of education and/or experience that demonstrates your ability to perform the duties of this position. When answering the questionnaire, remember that your experience and education are subject to verification by investigation. You may be asked to provide specific examples or documentation of experience or education as proof to support your answers, or you may be required to verify a response by a practical demonstration of your claimed ability to perform a task.

In accordance with 38 U.S.C. 7402(d), no person shall serve in direct patient care positions unless they are proficient in basic written and spoken English. You must be proficient in basic written and spoken English in order to perform the duties of this position.

1. Are you proficient in basic written and spoken English?

A. Yes
B. No

The following question pertains to licensure. Note: The Pharmacist must be have a full, current and unrestricted licensed to practice pharmacy in a State, territory or the United States, or the District of Columbia.

2. Are you licensed by a state to independently practice pharmacy?

A. Yes
B. No

The following question pertains to your experience or education. In additional to meeting the basic requirement, you must also have experience or education that demonstrates completion of one of the following: 1) The equivalent of 1 year of experience at the next lower grade level; or 2). Completion of an ACPE-accredited Pharm.D. program; or 3). B.S. graduate in Pharmacy with a graduate degree in Pharmacy or in a health care or related management field, including MHA, MSHCA, MBA and others. The graduate program must be accredited by the appropriate governing body.

3. Do you have experience demonstrating possession of experience or education as described in the paragraph above?

A. Yes
B. No

In the space provided below, you must also include information to support your possession of each of the ten required professional knowledge, skills and abilities. This information will be used by the Professional Standards Board to determine your salary. The questionnaire will not allow you to skip any of the following five KSAs. If these KSAs are fully addressed in your resume or vitae, please insert "See resume or vitae" in the space provided in order to proceed to the next item on the questionnaire.

KSAO #1: Ability to perform the full range of accepted ethical and professional practices of pharmacy, observing all legal requirements.

KSAO #2: Ability to communicate orally and in writing to both patients and health care staff.

KSAO #3: Knowledge of laws, regulations, and accreditation standards related to the distribution and control of scheduled and non-scheduled drugs and pharmacy security.

KSAO #4: Skill in monitoring and assessing the outcome of drug therapies, including physical assessment and interpretation of laboratory and other diagnostic parameters.

KSAO #5: Advanced knowledge of pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacotherapeutics in making judgments and recommendations for optimizing drug therapy.

KSAO #6: Teaches pharmacy staff, residents and students, other health care professionals and patients in all aspects of drug therapy.

KSAO #7: Ability to function in a team environment.

KSAO #8: Knowledge of medication to assure that the use is appropriate and consistent with state-of- the art medical practice.

KSAO #9: Ability to design and conduct, independently and in collaboration, research in pharmacy practice.

KSAO #10: Knowledge of standards related to the distribution and control of scheduled and non-scheduled drugs to both inpatients and outpatients (including research and investigational drugs). This includes but is not limited to basic knowledge of the standards of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the State (Territory of District of Columbia, if appropriate), and The Joint Commission (TJC).

Certification of Understanding - Select the appropriate answer to the statement below. Failure to provide an answer will result in your not being considered for this position.

4. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information included in this questionnaire is true, correct, and provided in good faith. I understand that if I make an intentional false statement, or commit deception or fraud in this application and its supporting materials, or in any document or interview associated with the examination process, I may be fined or imprisoned (18 U.S.C. 1001); my eligibilities may be cancelled; I may be denied an appointment; or I may be removed and debarred from Federal service (5 C.F.R. part 731). I understand that any information I give may be investigated and that responding "No" or providing no response to this item will result in my not being considered for this position.

A. Yes, I understand the information provided above and certify that the information provided in this questionnaire is true, correct, and provided in good faith.
B. No, I do not certify this information and do not wish to be considered for this position.

REMINDER- you must provide a complete Application Package which includes:
* 1. VA Form 10-2850c - Application for Associated Health Occupations
* 2. OF 306, Declaration for Federal Employment, required and must be submitted.
* 2. Resume
* 3. Proof of current certification, licensure or registration
* 4. Transcripts

VETERAN'S PREFERENCE DOCUMENTATION REMINDER-You must submit proper documentation if you are claiming eligibility for veteran's preference, which includes a copy of your DD-214 (member copy 4 or earlier version that shows character of service). Applicant's claiming 10-Point preference must also submit an SF-15, Application for 10-Point Veteran's Preference along with the required documentation listed on the form (such as verification of service-connected disability percentage). For more information on the Veteran's Preference, go to