Supervisory Information Technology Specialist

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001 - Merit Promotion.  This includes current Federal employees who serve under a competitive career or career-conditional appointment in the competitive service, reinstatement eligibles (former Federal employees who served under a career appointment in the competitive service) and VEOA eligibles (veterans with preference and veterans who have been honorably discharged and substantially completed at least 3 years of continuous active duty service.  You must provide qualifying documentation (i.e. - SF-50, performance appraisal and/or veterans documentation).


002 - Non competitive and Special Hiring Authorities.  This includes applicants who are eligible for non competitive or special appointment authorities such as: 30% or more compensably disabled veterans, Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA - for position at GS-11 and below), and persons with disabilities (Schedule A), military spouse preference, Federal employees in excepted position covered under an interchange agreement, and other eligible special hiring authorities (such as Peace Corps, Boren Fellows, etc.).  This also includes applicants who previously held, or currently hold, this position and grade with the same promotion potential as announced this 824305.  For more information about special hiring authorities, visit:  You must provide qualifying documentation for a non competitive or special hiring authority.

001 Supervisory IT Specialist

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510930610 Falls Church, VA

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25. Occupational/Assessment Questions:

Thank you for your interest in the Supervisory Information Technology Specialist position with the Department of Justice. We will evaluate your resume and your responses to this Assessment Questionnaire to determine if you are among the best qualified for this position. Your responses are subject to verification. Please review your responses for accuracy before you submit this questionnaire.

1. Select the one statement that best describes the IT-related experience you possess that demonstrates each of the four competencies necessary to perform the work of this position.

A. I have IT related experience that demonstrates possession of each of the four competencies: attention to detail, customer service, oral communication, and problem solving. My experience includes the following: evaluate conflicting requirements and explore available options to upgrade of enhance the level of services provided; modify service level agreements to address client's changes in business requirements; consult with experts in other specialty areas to develop integrated actions plans; and resolve issues related to the delivery of contract services.
B. I do not possess the experience described above.

2. Select the one statement that best describes the experience that you possess that demonstrates your ability to perform Supervisory Information Technology Specialist work at the GS-15 grade level or equivalent pay band in the Federal service.

A. I have at least one full year of information technology experience equivalent to the GS-14 grade level in the Federal service that demonstrates mastery knowledge of and ability in the full range of information technology and project management functions in order to manage infrastructure operations. Experience clearly demonstrates ability to supervise a staff of IT professionals; manage IT projects with high complexity or risk such as agency-wide system integrations that include large scale enterprise resource planning; coordinate the acquisition, installation, and configuration of the enterprise architecture; and develop policies, guidelines, and standards for the planning, development, integration, implementation and evaluation of information technology office automation systems, subsystems and hosting environments that meet overall information needs of multiple major organizational units.
B. I do not possess the experience described above.

In this part, you will respond to questions about experiences you have had that related to the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Carefully review the response descriptions listed below. For each question or statement, select the one response description that best describes your experience, education, or training. Darken the oval corresponding to that statement in Section 25 of the Qualifications and Availability Form C.

A- I have no experience in performing this work behavior.
B- I have limited experience in performing this work behavior. I have had exposure to this work behavior but would require additional guidance, instruction, or experience to perform it at a proficient level.
C- I have experience performing this work behavior across routine or predictable situations with minimal supervision or guidance.
D- I have performed this work behavior independently across a wide range of situations. I have assisted others in carrying out this work behavior. I seek guidance in carrying out this work behavior only in unusually complex situations.
E- I am considered an expert in carrying out this work behavior. I advise and instruct others in carrying out this work behavior on a regular basis. I am consulted by my colleagues and/or superiors to carry out this work behavior in unusually complex situations.

3. Direct work assignments for contractors and staff.

4. Make decisions on work problems presented by subordinate supervisors, team leaders, or contractors.

5. Make decisions on non-routine, costly, or controversial training needs for staff.

6. Determine whether work performed by contractor meets standards of adequacy for authorization of payment.

7. Ensure reasonable equity (among units, groups, teams, projects, etc.) of performance standards and rating techniques developed by subordinates.

8. Ability to establish long range (multi-year) work plans and schedules for the organization.

9. Determine the best solution for resolving challenges that may hinder organizational objectives

10. Determine the actions needed to guide a successful information technology program at the organizational level.

11. Develop methods to evaluate the design and functionality of information technology systems in use.

12. Determine the future IT needs of the organization and develop a comprehensive plan for satisfying those needs.

13. Review critical details of terms and conditions presented in acquisition negotiations, contract plans, budgets, and changes in scope of work

14. Lead a team of engineers on more than one IT project that required compliance with Federal Enterprise Architecture.

15. Knowledge of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

16. Lead a team of software developers on more than one project that required certification and accreditation.

17. Knowledge of vulnerability scanning software.

18. Determine the appropriate customer support products or services for an agency-wide IT project.

19. Produce written Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that clearly define the requirements and expectations of complex products or services.

20. Provide technical expertise in developing guidelines for customer support service.

21. Resolve issues related to the delivery of services

22. Manage an agency wide IT project where precedents did not exist, and a large number of people or multiple agencies were affected.

23. Communicate with others to express a variety of information (e.g. technical, sensitive, controversial, etc.)

24. Present complex information effectively to various stakeholders in order to coordinate business operations.

25. Influence management and/or customers to cooperate who are working toward mutual goals.

26. Provide advice applicable to all stages of program planning and policy formulation.

27. Identify opportunities to leverage technical solutions and emerging technologies to facilitate business solutions.

28. Provide first-line communications including problem determination and problem resolution.

29. Present IT systems recommendations to senior management.

30. Serve as liaison to senior managers in the organization on matters affecting agency-wide programs.

31. Analyze technology trends and recommend solutions for IT projects.

32. Manage the lifecycle of IT projects from concept development through implementation

33. Identify customer requirements specific to the project

34. Serve as an expert consultant to top level management to solve technical IT project problems

35. Identify problems and causational factors concerning IT project

36. Evaluate reports received to determine accuracy of information and relevance to situation

37. Use sound judgment to assess options available and present feasible recommendations

38. Your responses to this Questionnaire are subject to evaluation and verification based on the documents and references you submit. Later steps in the selection process are specifically designed to verify your answers. If you provide any intentional false statement(s), deception or fraud in this application and its supporting materials, or in any document or interview associated with the examination process, you may be fined and/or imprisoned (18 U.S.C. 1001); removed from consideration for this position; denied appointment to the position; or removed and debarred from Federal service (5 C.F.R. part 731)
Please review your answers to ensure accuracy. By agreeing to the statement below, you are confirming that you:

- understand this warning and
- verify that your responses, to the best of your knowledge and belief, accurately describe your current level of education (if applicable), experience and capability.

Note: If you fail to select a response, you WILL NOT be considered for this position.

A. Yes, I understand this warning and verify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, my responses accurately describe my current level of education (if applicable), experience and capability.

B. I no longer wish to be considered for this position. Please withdraw my application.