Supervisory Accountant

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001 Supervisory Accountant, GS-0510-15

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110010001 Washington DC, DC

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24. Personal Background Information

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25. Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. Please indicate how you meet the Basic Requirement for a Supervisory Accountant position at the GS-15 level. The information you provide in your responses will be verified against the information stated in your resume and supporting documentation. FAILURE TO RESPOND WILL RESULT IN AN INELIGIBLE RATING. Please only select one response. Transcripts must be provided with your application package to verify your educational claim and/or proof of certificate.

A. I possess a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university in accounting, or a degree in a related field such as business administration, finance, or public administration that included or was supplemented by 24 semester hours in accounting. The 24 hours may include up to 6 hours of credit in business law.
B. I possess a combination of education and experience (at least 4 years of experience in accounting, or an equivalent combination of accounting experience, college-level education, and training that provided professional accounting knowledge). In addition, my background also includes one of the following: 1. Twenty-four semester hours in accounting or auditing courses of appropriate type and quality. This can include up to 6 hours of business law; 2. A certificate as Certified Public Accountant or a Certified Internal Auditor, obtained through written examination or; 3. Completion of the requirements for a degree that included substantial course work in accounting or auditing, e.g., 15 semester hours, but that does not fully satisfy the 24-semester-hour requirement of paragraph A, provided that (a) the applicant has successfully worked at the full-performance level in accounting, auditing, or a related field, e.g., valuation engineering or financial institution examining; (b) a panel of at least two higher level professional accountants or auditors has determined that the applicant has demonstrated a good knowledge of accounting and of related and underlying fields that equals in breadth, depth, currency, and level of advancement that which is normally associated with successful completion of the 4-year course of study described in paragraph A; and (c) except for literal nonconformance to the requirement of 24 semester hours in accounting, the applicant's education, training, and experience fully meet the specified requirements.
C. I do not possess the education and/or experience as described above in A or B.

2. From the descriptions below select the one response that best describes how your experience meets the specialized experience requirements for the Supervisory Accountant, GS-501-15 position. You must show that you meet the specialized experience described below. Read all responses before making your selection. Mark only 1 response. If you leave the question blank, you will be rated ineligible.

A. I have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-14 grade level in the Federal Service administering an organization's accounting program and most if not all of the accounting systems servicing the organization; conducting difficult assignments involving interfaces and inter-relationships between and among programs, systems, functions, policies, and various issues; coordinating the resolution of accounting system problems arising from factors such as changes in legislation; develop policies with respect to financing program operations, determining accounting system adequacy, and qualifying cooperating business and other aspects of the program; and as the agency's technical accounting authority, develop justification for agency financial/accounting policies.
B. I do not have the specialized experience as described above.

INSTRUCTIONS: In this part, you will respond to questions about supervisory/leadership experiences you have had that are related to the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Carefully review the response descriptions listed below. For each question or statement, select the ONE response description that best describes your experience.

A- I have performed this task as a supervisor or director of a work unit/group/division.
B- I have performed this task as a senior employee of a project or work unit/group/division.
C- I have performed this task as a team leader of a work unit/group/division.
D- I have performed this task in the independent management of my personal workload/assignments
E- I have not performed this task in the capacities stated above in responses A-thru-D.

3. Plans work to be accomplished by subordinate employees.

4. Sets and adjusts short-term priorities.

5. Assigns work based on priorities, consideration of the difficulty and requirement of assignments, and capabilities of employees.

6. Identifies ways to improve production or increase the quality of the work performed.

7. Develops performance goals standards.

8. Evaluates and coaches work performance of subordinate employees.

9. Gives advice or instruction to subordinate employees on work-related and administrative matters

10. Recommends appointment, promotion, and reassignment of employees.

11. Enforces minor disciplinary measures such as warnings and reprimands.

12. Identifies developmental and training needs of subordinate employees.

13. Analyzes and defends changes in goals, funding, staffing levels and organizational priorities.

14. Reviews and approves the substance of reports, correspondence, operational guidelines and other documents prepared by subordinate staff.

For each task in the following group, choose the statement from the list below that best describes your experience and/or training. Darken the oval corresponding to that statement in Section 25 of the Qualifications and Availability Form C. Please select only one letter for each item.

A- I have not had education, training or experience in performing this task.
B- I have had education or training in performing the task, but have not yet performed it on the job.
C- I have performed this task on the job. My work on this task was monitored closely by a supervisor or senior employee to ensure compliance with proper procedures.
D- I have performed this task as a regular part of a job. I have performed it independently and normally without review by a supervisor or senior employee.
E- I am considered an expert in performing this task. I have supervised performance of this task or am normally the person who is consulted by other workers to assist them in doing this task because of my expertise.

15. Supervise the compilation, review and approval of financial conference requests annually.

16. Refine existing policies and practices to address changing government-wide accounting requirements.

17. Perform extensive analysis and review in a variety of complex Treasury reporting requirements for Congressional reporting.

18. Provide managerial direction to professional accounting and supporting personnel engaged in complex accounting principles and concepts.

19. Oversee the review of proposed accounting financial policy to assure policies are kept current with statutory and recurring financial reporting.

20. Research and respond to questions involving complicated and precedent setting accounting policies and procedures.

21. Manage the preparation of externally of externally mandated reports of an accounting and statistical nature for transmittal to federal agencies and committees.

22. Formulate and develop Department accounting management policy and procedurals accounting directives and regulations.

23. Perform extensive outreach to other Executive level agencies as well as vetting within various Departmental components.

24. Direct the performance of research on fiscal matters and the preparation of decisions and requests for senior level decisions.

25. Oversee the development of communications related to financial management policies, to ensure policies can be properly leveraged and relied upon.

26. Direct analysis of information requirements relative to the system deign supporting the budget formulation and execution calls.

27. Evaluate and determine accounting data requirements for agency-wide programs.

28. Develop authoritative directives got validation of accounting data, used for multiple departmental accounting reports.

29. Formulate, evaluate and implement policies, procedures and protocols related to financial operations and execution.

30. Advise managers and executives on conference financial and budge matters.

31. Design and develop spreadsheet formats and programs for analyzing conference related financial information.

32. Prepare documents to identify finding and develop written recommendations for change.

33. Ensure that appropriate accounting financial internal controls are followed when approving/denying requests for conference facilities/expenditure, recording and reporting.

This section includes questions related to the verification of your responses and the acknowledgement of your understanding of the selection process. Please respond to the following questions.

34. Your ratings in this questionnaire are subject to evaluation and verification based on the documents and references you submit. Later steps in the selection process are specifically designed to verify your ratings. Deliberate attempts to falsify information may be grounds for not selecting you or for dismissing you from the position/agency, if selected. Please take this opportunity to review your ratings to ensure their accuracy. By agreeing to the statement below, you are confirming that you: 1) understand this warning; 2) have reviewed your responses to this questionnaire for accuracy; 3) verify that your responses accurately describe your current level of experience and capability.

A. Yes, I verify that all of my responses to this questionnaire are true and accurate. I accept that if my supporting documentation and/or later steps in the selection process do not support one or more of my responses to the questionnaire that my application may be rated lower and/or I may be removed from consideration.
B. No, I do not accept this agreement and/or I no longer wish to be considered for this position.