Health Communications Specialist, GS-1001-09

Vacancy ID: 831860   Announcement Number: HHS-FDA-CVM-MP-13-831860   USAJOBS Control Number: 336428200

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. Select the statement below that best describes your specialized experience to minimally qualify for the GS-09 grade level:

A. I have at least one full year of specialized experience, equivalent work performed at the GS-07 level in the Federal service, that included assisting in developing and marketing informational and educational materials such as brochures and fact sheets; or, evaluating user requirements in relation to existing materials.
B. I have 2 full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a Master's degree, a Master's or equivalent graduate degree, or LL.B or J.D, if related.
C. I have a combination of the experience and education described in responses A and B above.
D. My education and/or experience is not reflected in the above choices.

In this section, you are asked to evaluate yourself on task items using the scale provided. When making your ratings, please do not overstate or understate your level of experience and capability. You should be aware that your ratings are subject to evaluation and verification. Ensure that all claimed experience can be verified by the information in your resume. Do not give yourself credit for having performed tasks you have not performed. Deliberate attempts to falsify information will be grounds for not selecting you or for dismissing you from employment with the organization. For each task, select the ONE response that most accurately describes your current level of experience and capability.

A- I have not had education, training or experience in performing this task.
B- I have had education or training in performing the task, but have not yet performed it on the job.
C- I have performed this task on the job. My work on this task was monitored closely by a supervisor or senior employee to ensure compliance with proper procedures.
D- I have performed this task as a regular part of a job. I have performed it independently and normally without review by a supervisor or senior employee.
E- I am considered an expert in performing this task. I have supervised performance of this task or normally the person who is consulted by other workers to assist them in doing this task because of my expertise.

2. Confer with others seeking to develop news releases, radio programs, articles, and meetings with media representatives.

3. Evaluate program material and offer recommendation for improving program delivery.

4. Collaborate with others in the development, coordination, and evaluation of responses to inquiries on complex or controversial issues.

5. Prepare information for a variety of media such as radio, television, internet, featured articles, news releases, exhibits and brochures.

6. Develop social marketing campaigns.

7. Prepare communication plans for a variety of audiences.

8. Act as a liaison with various groups and representatives to gather information.

9. Interview individuals in order to develop news releases and articles.

10. Respond to requests for readily available information (i.e. fact sheets, statistical information, articles, and resource materials.

11. Design and write brochures or fact sheets to be distributed to varying audiences.

12. Develop and edit web pages and other audio-visual materials for a variety of audiences.

13. Draft responses to a variety of inquiries from the media and the general public.

14. Are you a current Center for Veterinary Medicine employee serving on a career or career-conditional appointment within the competitive service?

A. Yes. ( You must provide SF-50.)
B. No