Administrative Support Specialist

Vacancy ID: 842355   Announcement Number: TDA842355CB   USAJOBS Control Number: 337765000

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

For item 1 please read the following statement carefully. Your response to this question will determine whether you will or will not be eligible for this position. If you respond No to any question in this section, you will not be eligible for consideration for this position.

1. Are you willing to submit to an initial background investigation?

A. Yes
B. No

For items 2 through 4, please read the statements carefully.

2. I have the following status in the Federal civil service.

A. I am currently serving on a permanent career appointment in the Federal service.
B. I previously served on a permanent career appointment.
C. I previously served on a permanent career conditional appointment within the past 3 years.
D. I am eligible for a special hiring authority appointment (e.g., Peace Corps, 30% disabled veteran, Veterans Recruitment Appointment, etc.) that led to conversion to competitive service status. (if so, you must explain in your resume)
E. I am a Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA) eligible.
F. I do not fall within any of the categories listed in A through E above.

3. I meet the time-in-grade requirement for this position (i.e., I have served at least 52 weeks at the next lower grade level than the level of the position being announced OR I am currently in a position at the same grade level or higher than the position being announced) OR I am a VEOA eligible or Special Hiring Authority eligible and this requirement is not applicable to me.

A. Yes
B. No

4. I am eligible for non-competitive appointment to this position (i.e., I am currently at a higher grade level than the full performance level of the position being announced, OR I have competed for and am currently at the same grade level as the full performance level of the position being announced, OR I am currently serving in a position with full performance level equivalent to or higher than the full performance level of the position being announced, OR I have previously served at the same grade level or higher than the full performance level of the position being announced, OR I am eligible for appointment under a special hiring authority such as Peace Corps, Severely Disable, 30% disabled, Veterans Recruitment Act [VRA], etc.)

A. Yes
B. No

For item 5, please read the following statement carefully.

5. From the description below, select the ONE response that best describes your experience and/or education level that demonstrates you meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements for Administrative Support Specialist.

A. For the GS-11 level, I have a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree, or 3 full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to such a degree, or I have a LL.M., if related. This education was obtained at an accredited college or university. (Note: You must provide transcripts as verification of your education). (Foreign education must be comparable to that received in an accredited educational institution in the United States).
B. For the GS-11 level, I have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-09 level in the federal service that has equipped me with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the duties of this position. Specialized experience for this position includes but is not limited to: overseeing, coordinating and evaluating the efforts of a wide range of administrative issues involving facilities management, security, space management, procurement, inventory control, travel and human resources.
C. For the GS-12 level, my specialized experience for this position includes but is not limited to: responsibility for facilities management, i.e. the operation, maintenance and repair of the physical plant, overseeing contractor performance, scheduling and modifying space arrangements and layouts, developing preventative maintenance and repair schedules, and negotiating agreements and logistical arrangements related to space , moves, improvements and renovations.
D. I do not possess the education and/or experience in the amounts specified in any of the above statements.

For items/tasks, choose ONE of the statements from the list below that best describes your HIGHEST level of work experience and/or training for each task.

A- I have not had education, training or experience in this task.
B- I have had education or training in performing this task, but I have not yet performed it on the job.
C- I have performed this task on the job. My work was monitored closely by a supervisor or senior employee to ensure compliance with proper procedures.
D- I have performed this task as a regular part of a job. I have performed independently and normally without review by a supervisor or senior employee.
E- I have supervised performance of this task or I am normally the person who is consulted by other workers to assist them in doing this task because of my expertise.

6. Provide advice, guidance and assistance to organizational staff on a wide range of administrative areas, including facilities management, human resources, procurement and security.

7. Advise management on administrative policies, procedures and regulations.

8. Recommend and facilitate implementation of new approaches to address administrative issues.

9. Conduct negotiations with vendors to obtain goods and services.

10. Develop short and long-range plans and/or projects needed to achieve organizational goals.

11. Research, interpret and apply rules, regulations and policies related to facilities management.

12. Oversee the operation, maintenance and scheduling of repairs to a physical plant.

13. Monitor performance and compliance with the terms and conditions of purchase orders.

14. Negotiate agreements and logistical arrangements related to space changes and renovations.

15. Coordinate technological requirements associated with space planning.

16. Procure, maintain and upgrade furniture, office equipment, and security systems.

17. Plan and coordinate office moves and renovations within an organization.

18. Participate in emergency planning exercises.

19. Conduct orientation sessions for new employees.

20. Develop health/wellness and work/life programs on topics of interest to a Federal workforce.

21. Address questions related to federal benefits programs.

22. Use automated system to perform research, generate data and compile reports.

23. Analyze data and report conclusions.

24. Establish standards for contractor or vendor work performance.

25. Review the work of others for quality, timeliness and acceptability.

26. Complete work assignments thoroughly and accurately in high pressure situations.

27. Support an organization on a wide range of complex and unusual assignments.

28. Proactively seek to understand and anticipate the administrative concerns of clients.

29. Independently respond to questions on administrative procedures and policies.

30. Participate in the evaluation of studies to validate workforce issues and opinions and develop plans to solve customer service issues.

31. Establish effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders while providing administrative services to an organization.

32. Negotiate agreements, logistical arrangements and/or vendor services.

33. Handle controversial or contentious matters in an effective, tactful manner.

34. Oversee the work of contractors providing administrative services.

35. Anticipates problems and develops preemptive strategies and methods in order to avoid or reduce their impact on administrative operations, programs, and services.

36. Identifies strategies to solve administrative problems that are consistent with organizational goals.

37. Utilizes data to make recommendations to resolve complex issues.

38. Develop and implement innovative tools and techniques to solve problems.

39. Identifies strategies to solve administrative problems that are consistent with organizational goals.

40. Oversee and critique the work of contractors, vendors and service providers in an effective and tactful manner.

41. Address questions and problems raised by clients with clarity and conciseness.

42. Prepare reports which provide guidance on administrative policies and/or procedures.

43. As previously explained, your ratings in this Occupational Questionnaire are subject to evaluation and verification. Later steps in the selection process are specifically designed to verify your ratings. Deliberate attempts to falsify information may be grounds for not selecting you or for dismissing you from the position. Please take this opportunity to review your ratings to ensure their accuracy. By agreeing to the statement below, you are confirming that you: Understand this warning; have reviewed your responses to this questionnaire for accuracy; and verify that your responses accurately describe your current level of experience and capability. Failure to agree to the statement below will disqualify you from further consideration for the position.

A. Yes, I verify that all of my responses to this questionnaire are true and accurate. I accept that if my supporting documentation and/or later steps in the selection process do not support one or more of my responses to the questionnaire that my application may be rated lower and/or I may be removed from further consideration.
B. No, I do not accept this agreement and/or I no longer wish to be considered for this position.