Federal Coordinating Officer-GS-0301-15

Vacancy ID: 848112   Announcement Number: MG-201201434-SSM-848112   USAJOBS Control Number: 338466600

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. Do you have one full year of specialized experience (equivalent to the GS-14 grade level or pay band in the Federal service) that included knowledge of and experience in emergency management programs and disaster operations; knowledge of federal, state and local government processes; expert management skills and experience with organizational leadership in crisis situations.

A. Yes
B. No

2. I have demonstrated successful experience as a senior leader ( ex.State/local Director of Emergency Management, Chief of Staff, Section Chief, deputy FCO), in leading and managing significant numbers of staff in a wide range of emergency situations to include large and  complex disasters..

A. Yes
B. No

For each task in the following group, choose the statement from
the list below that best describes your experience and/or training. Please
select only one letter for each item.

A- I have not had education, training or experience in performing this task.
B- I have had education or training in performing the task, but have not yet
performed it on the job.
C- I have performed this task on the job. My work on this task was monitored
closely by a supervisor or senior employee to ensure compliance with proper
D- I have performed this task as a regular part of a job. I have performed it
independently and normally without review by a supervisor or senior employee.
E- I am considered an expert in performing this task. I have supervised performance of this task or am normally the person who is consulted by other workers to assist them in doing this task because of my expertise.

3. Led and managed state/local/federal employees in response to natural or manmade disasters.


Led and managed employees not related to disaster response activities.

5. Led and managed in various capacities as a member of the military or an emergency service organization.

6. Serve as an expert advisor on the policy and administrative functions of response and recovery programs as they relate to disaster management.

7. Ensures that the mission, goals, and timelines are being met for a program/organization.

8. Coordinate with Federal, State, and local organization on disaster response/recovery operations.

9. Keep current on important legislative, budgetary, Federal, State, or local developments and actions that could impact policy, programs, missions, and activities.

10. Work with federal, state or local elected and appointed officials for the purpose of engaging them in programs and policies related to emergency management and disaster prevention, preparedness, response, recovery or mitigation.

11. Implement an outreach strategy to external organizations or individuals to encourage their participation or support of the organization's goals.

12. Serve as a technical expert, exercising independence and judgment to develop and maintain relationships with various stakeholders/officials in state and local governments.

13. Use a variety of problem-solving methods, management techniques to solve management issues.

14. Conduct troubleshooting on issues or concerns requiring an overview of organization operations.

15. Recommend or develop new or improved methodologies or approaches for analyzing the effectiveness of processes and operations.

16. Explain or justify decisions, conclusions, findings, or recommendations.

17. Participate in, or chair, meetings, conferences, and/or formal discussions with high level officials at the local, state, and Federal level.

18. Establish and maintain liaison with stakeholders including critical state, local, private, and public organizations for outreach and awareness, information sharing, and emergency programs.

19. Conduct briefings and/or press conferences that convey technical information to a variety of audiences.

20. Negotiate effectively to gain acceptance of recommendations and policies

21. Provide service to a large customer base, managing numerous programs based on policy that you had a significant role in creating and implementing.

22. Provide service to clients for a specific program supporting management

23. Providing service to a specific customer base, applying policy as directed.