Deputy Vice President (Administration and Finance), AD-301-2b

Vacancy ID: 848180   Announcement Number: MCC-848180-13-029-DAF   USAJOBS Control Number: 339085400

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Deputy Vice President (Adminstration and Finance)
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001 Deputy Vice President (Administration & Finance)

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110010001 Washington DC, DC

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. To qualify for pay band 2b level you must meet the following:

Have at least one year of specialized experience comparable to the MCC Pay Band 3a or GS-15 or an equivalent level in the Federal service described as substantial managerial experience in applying knowledge of relevant laws, executive orders, rules and regulations in the areas of: developing and monitoring organizational performance goals and objectives, finance, human resources, procurement, security and/or information technology as well as the ability to work effectively across professional disciplines.  This experience must include activities such as:  1) Leading and managing at least three of the following organizational divisions and/or correcting deficiencies and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operational programs to achieve corporate goals: finance, human resources, procurement, security and/or information technology. 2) Leading change through the creative development and implementation of policies for a small complex organization, or Federal Department, with regard to a variety of management programs. 3) Developing innovative solutions that resolve problems or conflicts between management requirements, an organization’s mission, and customer needs. 4) Knowledge of a wide range of administrative policies, practices and applicable legislation concerning government policies and practices in finance, human resources, procurement, security and/or information technology.  (NOTE: This experience MUST be well documented on your resume or application).

A. I meet the experience requirements.
B. I do not meet the experience requirements.