Public Affairs Specialist, GS-1035-14

Vacancy ID: 865439   Announcement Number: HHS-OS-ASPR-DE-13-865439   USAJOBS Control Number: 340532400

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. From the descriptions below, please choose the answer that demonstrates your experience related to the GS-1035-14 Public Affairs Specialist.

A. I possess at least one year of specialized experience, equivalent to the GS-13 level in the Federal service, developing communications policy and strategy for a public awareness program (i.e. public health, terrorism, medical emergencies); managing outreach efforts for general public and the media; briefing organization leadership and staff for public appearances; and writing and editing a variety of print, electronic, and broadcast communications materials for internal and external audiences (e.g., feature articles, radio scripts, speeches, fact sheets, public service announcements, website content, and social medial materials).

B. My experience is not reflected in statement above.

For each of the items below, select the one statement that most accurately describes your experience and capability using the scale below.

A- I have no experience in performing this work behavior.
B- I have limited experience in performing this work behavior. I have had exposure to this work behavior but would require additional guidance, instruction, or experience to perform it at a proficient level.
C- I have experience performing this work behavior across routine or predictable situations with minimal supervision or guidance.
D- I have performed this work behavior independently across a wide range of situations. I have assisted others in carrying out this work behavior. I seek guidance in carrying out this work behavior only in unusually complex situations.
E- I am considered an expert in carrying out this work behavior. I advise and instruct others in carrying out this work behavior on a regular basis. I am consulted by my colleagues and/or superiors to carry out this work behavior in unusually complex situations.

2. Arrange public appearances, including speeches and news conferences for senior management officials.

3. Serve as a spokesperson on the record for the organization to the news media and as a liaison with news media to establish and maintain productive relationships.

4. Serve as liaison with public affairs officers in other Federal, State, or local government agencies in coordinating news media relations strategies with public affairs officials, state and local government, public officials and other federal agencies through calls, emails, written correspondence, web, or social media.

5. Direct the development and preparation of exhibit material, including posters, signs, and graphics.

6. Provide technical guidance to organization leadership and staff on the development of messaging materials.

7. Consult on methods to inform and educate the public on an organization's mission, goals, and objectives.

8. Conduct briefings on emergency crisis and risk communication strategies for presentation at conferences and seminars.

9. Represent senior management officials on committees and work groups at meetings and conferences addressing an organization's communications.

10. Develop guidelines for staff related to public affairs, including preparation of materials, media relations, public engagement, and speaking opportunities.

11. Develop materials for public dissemination describing an organization's programs (i.e. news releases, fact sheets, public service announcements, brochures, inter-and intranet web content, and magazine and journal articles).

12. Develop communication guidance materials, including talking points and/or scripts for video productions.

13. Prepare reports on news media coverage on terrorism or public health emergency related issues.