Paralegal Specialist

Vacancy ID: 1473668   Announcement Number: 15-DE-1473668-MJB   USAJOBS Control Number: 411866400

Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. From the descriptions below select the letter that corresponds to the statement that most accurately describes your experience as it directly related to this position.

A. I possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS/SK-11 level researching and analyzing established case laws, including researching the securities laws, preparing legal documents and memoranda, managing investigative documents and case files, and using application software and online legal research tools; providing courtroom and pretrial litigation support that includes: preparing, analyzing, and processing legal documents, and utilizing electronic discovery and other electronic technologies to perform legal research or to assist at trial or other courtroom proceedings.
B. I do not have the experience as described above and therefore am ineligible for the position.

The following questions assess your qualifications. Please select the best answer that best describes your experience.

2. From the list below select the statement(s) that describe(s) your experience performing legal research. (Please select all that apply)(Continues)

A. I have provided evidentiary and factual research support to attorneys by conducting searches and reviewing, analyzing and compiling search results from a variety of sources, including public information databases and websites and from document databases, such as Concordance or Recommind.
B. I have conducted legal research and retrieved legal materials from online databases such as LexisNexis and Westlaw.
C. I have conducted legal research using paper resources such as case digests and law journals.
D. I have experience "cite-checking" legal sources utilizing LexisNexis, Westlaw and Blue Book.
E. I have not performed any of the above.

3. (Continued)From the list below select the statement(s) that describe(s) your experience performing legal research. (Please select all that apply)

A. I have assembled and compiled information and legal reference materials as requested in case preparation.
B. I have verified the reliability of cited legal authority, including case precedents.
C. I have independently researched and evaluated the relevance of materials to a particular legal issue, located precedents, and provided summaries of the research results to attorneys.
D. I have researched relevant laws and regulations and have located cases to support or refute arguments dealing with those laws.
E. I have conducted in-depth research of securities laws, regulations, rules and precedent decisions, court opinions, and commercial legal publications to perform recurring case development and documentation assignments.
F. I have not performed any of the above.

4. Do you have experience editing, entering data, and searching in litigation databases such as Concordance, Recommind and/or CaseMap.

A. Yes
B. No

5. Do you have experience collecting, reviewing, and analyzing data from various litigation case or court-related databases such as PACER or Courtlink?

A. Yes
B. No

6. From the list below, select the databases and software programs that you have experience utilizing. (Please select all that apply)(Continues)

A. LexisNexis
B. Courtlink
C. Westlaw
D. CaseMap
E. TimeMap
F. TextMap
H. Bloomberg
I. None of the above

7. (Continued)From the list below, select the databases and software programs that you have experience utilizing. (Please select all that apply)

B. Recommind
C. Concordance
D. Microsoft Word
E. Microsoft Access
F. Web CRD
G. CCH Intelliconnect
H. None of the above.

8. Do you have experience in electronic discovery and software programs that assist in the compilation, review and production of electronic documents?

A. Yes
B. No

9. From the list below select the statement(s) that describe(s) your experience with Excel (Please select all that apply)

A. I have experience with Excel data entry, sorting and filtering.
B. I have experience with creating Excel formulas.
C. I have experience with advanced Excel functions, such as formula nesting and/or data validation.
D. I have used Excel to create tables, including pivot tables, charts and/or graphs for use at hearings or trial.
E. I have experience using the VLookup function of Excel.
F. None of the above.

10. From the list below select the statement(s) that describe your experience performing litigation support, to include the analysis and evaluation of the administrative records and the preparation of relevant court documents involving the securities laws. (Please select all that apply)

A. I have examined and evaluated case law involving securities issues.
B. I have examined and evaluated notices of appeal, briefs and/or motions for compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
C. I have examined and evaluated case law involving complex litigation issues.
D. I have cite-checked legal documents for compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and other statutory and regulatory requirements.
E. None of the above.

11. From the list below select the statement(s) that describe(s) your experience providing case management and litigation support. (Please select all that apply)

A. I have conducted complex searches and reviews of documents, document databases, and other case materials to identify potential evidentiary exhibits, compile pertinent facts, and create witness and evidence binders.
B. I have utilized a computerized docket control system to enter actions, update case deadlines, and run reports.
C. I have utilized electronic discovery software (e-discovery).
D. I have maintained manual case files through indexing to manage and control documents.
E. I have utilized electronic databases to manage electronic case files and documents.
F. I have used federal court electronic filing systems to file documents electronically with federal courts.
G. I have not performed case management or maintained an electronic case file system.

12. Do you have knowledge of district court and other court rules and experience researching requirements of those rules to file documents for the Commission and coordinate the Office's activities with the pertinent clerk of court.

A. Yes
B. No

13. Do you have knowledge of the securities laws (e.g. Sections 10(b) and 14(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rules 10b-5 and 14e-3 thereunder - i.e., insider trading)?

A. Yes
B. No

14. Do you have experience filing pleadings electronically in United States Federal District Courts.

A. Yes
B. No

15. From the list below, select the statement(s) that describe(s) your experience assisting attorneys with case preparation, (Please select all that apply)(Continues)

A. Managed a litigation docket and maintained extensive case files, both in hard copy and electronically.
B. Researched court and administrative rules to ascertain the appropriate form, content and due date for filings prior to submission to court.
C. Assisted with court filings, including preparing documents and assembling declarations and exhibits for filing, performing factual and legal cite-checking and proofreading as required.
D. Organized and managed complex court filings, both by e-filing and by manual filing, in federal court cases and/or in administrative proceedings.
E. Reviewed financial market data and information related to the public securities markets in order to prepare exhibits for deposition and/or trial.
F. Analyzed complex financial data, such as banking and trading records, through the use of spreadsheets and similar summaries of data and related information, including database tools such as Excel, Access or Case Map.
G. Identified issues and trends in connection with securities related litigation.
H. Assisted with the research, drafting and filing of legal briefs involving complex securities law issues.
I. None of the above

16. (Continued)From the list below, select the statement(s) that describe(s) your experience assisting attorneys with case preparation, (Please select all that apply)

A. Assisted in preparing witnesses for investigative examinations, depositions and other legal proceedings, and interviewing potential financial industry witnesses.
B. Compiled case or administrative records, and certified copies of the same.
C. Assisted attorneys with case analysis and utilization of case management software to identify trends and fact patterns.
D. Prepared documents for production in response to discovery requests, and reviewed incoming document productions to ensure compliance with subpoenas and/or discovery requests.
E. Prepared exhibits for briefs, depositions and/or trial.
F. Prepared summaries of legal and case information.
G. Traveled with and provided assistance to attorneys during hearings, legal and administrative proceedings, trials, and/or depositions (i.e. maintaining and organizing exhibits, making copies, locating cases, taking notes, providing input/feedback, and served as liaison between the trial team and courtroom staff, and between attorneys and trial support vendors.).
H. None of the above

17. Do you have experience with trial presentation software, such as Trial Director or Summation, to assist in the presentation of evidence at trials or hearings?

A. Yes
B. No

18. Do you have experience with using Power Point to create summary or demonstrative exhibits for use at trial or hearings?

A. Yes
B. No

19. Do you have experience reviewing, analyzing or otherwise have had access to sensitive information such as medical records, social security and employment files, criminal files, and/or tax records, and have preserved the confidentiality of the information contained therein.

A. Yes
B. No

20. Do you have knowledge of the relevant laws and policies governing privacy, public access, and confidentiality.

A. Yes
B. No

21. From the list below, select the statement that best describes your experience communicating in writing to relay information to executive level management, office staff, and other government agencies:

A. I have proof-read non-legal written material.
B. I have proof-read legal written material.
C. I have assisted with the development of executive level briefings, reports, and decisions and information.
D. I have composed briefings for management or executive level staff, drafted, proof-read, and edited judicial decisions, opinions, or legal memoranda.
E. None of the Above.

22. From the list below, select the statement(s) that describe the types of legal documents you have drafted or helped attorneys to prepare. (Please select all that apply)

A. Legal memoranda
B. Digests of testimony and summaries of relevant fact documents
C. Declarations or affidavits
D. Motions, including extension of time requests
E. Briefs
F. Complaints
G. Discovery requests
H. Subpoenas
I. None of the above

23. IMPORTANT READ: If you are selected for the position, we will use your application materials to make a salary determination. Therefore, it is extremely important that you provide a complete and comprehensive resume, which includes the months and years held in each position. Please note that if you fail to provide a comprehensive resume we will not take an updated resume to determine salary. I certify that I have read and understand that should I be selected for the position the resume and application materials will be used to determine salary and therefore I am providing a complete and comprehensive resume. I also understand that I will not be permitted to provide an updated resume after the fact.

A. Yes
B. No

24. Reminder: In addition to this questionnaire, you must also submit all applicable information/documents as described in the vacancy announcement under "Required Documents." Please read the vacancy announcement carefully, follow the online instructions for submitting documents and check your account to confirm the documents are received in the online hiring system prior to the closing date. If all the required information is not received, you will be found ineligible for this position. I understand that all required documents must be received by the closing date to receive consideration for this vacancy announcement and that my resume must reflect the experience as described in the vacancy announcement. (Please follow the instructions in the vacancy announcement).

A. Yes
B. No